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Assam Tour

Tour Briefing:


An Oasis full of Surprises - The Assam : A region, where the visual delights are of more importance than the historical remnants, here the man made creations are of less importance than the natural splendor. There are mountains all around with miles and miles of pleasant greenery. In these surroundings there are many things to enjoy, like the twittering of the little birds, excellent wild life, and breathtaking beautiful sun sets. The memory of these sites remains forever in the heart of the people visiting Assam. The mighty Brumhaputra River, "The Son of the Lord Brahma", dominates the life of Assam. 

Known as kamrup, the land where kamadeva, the cupid of Hindu mythology, regained his original form. More over Assam has also been known over the years for its mysterious cultural activities. Assam is the centre of North East India, with which all the other states of the region, share their boundaries. The people of Assam, are catholic in their appearance. Moreover, Assam has been gifted with an ideal environment, for the growth of tea plantations. The tea gardens have the charm of their own and a traveler would enjoy the life around it. 

Further, music and dances since long have been an inseparable part of the Assamese lifestyle. So, come and explore this rich land of the God's, and experience the bliss of nature on your own

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