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Kochi & Khathakkali Tour




Immerse yourself in the rich history and fascinating culture of Kochi on a private sightseeing tour. Explore the neighborhood of Fort Kochi, and learn about the history of this TRADE port that was the center of the Indian spice trade for many centuries. You'll also see a dramatic Kathakali dance performance, a 17th-century classical dance drama that originated in Kerala and is famous for its elaborate costumes and makeup.

Tour Briefing:


Your cultural and historical exploration of Kochi begins with a walking tour around Fort Kochi, a well-preserved historical neighborhood reflecting Kochi's colonial past. Walk down the colonial roads and beside the coastal shore. See the magnificent Chinese fishing nets, a gift to Kochi from Chinese TRADERS during the reign of Kublai Khan. Continue to Saint Francis Church, one of the oldest European churches in India and built by Portuguese Franciscan friars in 1503. Next, visit Santa Cruz Basilica, an architecturally impressive Catholic church. Admire the soaring spires and white-washed exterior and the beautiful canvas murals inside. Meander around Mattancherry Palace and admire the amazing murals depicting scenes from Hindu legends.Continue to the theater to enjoy a thrilling Kathakali dance performance. Prior to the performance, go backstage and watch the performers prepare for the show. See them apply makeup, put on colorful costumes and elaborate headpieces, and meditate into their characters. Then enjoy the lively theatrical performance, full of expressive facial movements and extravagant gestures. When the performance ends, your guide will escort you back to your HOTEL.

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